*Sugar`s Style&…Thor*

sugar249Click Pic for bigger size…


*Thor*  Vintage Reception Set…Vintage Desk, Vintage chair, Vintage Desk Lamp, Vintage Key Holder, Vintage Telephone with sound, Brushes Jug, Color Scale Poster, Concierge sign, Cup of Coffee, Old Guest Book, Old Jug with Projekts,

Post Cards –Wall, Wood Letters Holder, Stamps Holder, Old Metal Bucket 1, Old Metal Bucket 2, Licking Red Cat (Gift)…Cosmopolitan Events

-lamp with script that allows turning on and off the light.
It have a menu for features: hold the click on for 5 seconds on the object and display the menu with all options, as to show or not the shadow and permission about others.

– Guest book work as a real one: just click on it and leave a message.
more options in the menu for the owner.- the desk have operating drawers with something inside.
-The Wood Letters Holder have a mail system inside.


*Thor*  Magazines…Part of Man Cave Set


*DRD*  The Joint Coffee Shop…6 Republic Event


*DRD*  Motel Magazine Stand, Motel Rug, Motel Small Side Table, Motel Standing Lamp…Gacha


*YS&YS*  Hanging Ivy…Gacha


*Apple Fall*  Monogram Suitcase, Boxed Supplies w/ Spectacles, Daffodils Jug


*8f8*  La Petite Joie Cafe – Hat Rack…Gacha



Greetings Sugar

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